1 888 PLNT TRN (1 888 756 8876)

Our Shuttle Service in San Francisco and Boston

Please note our new local number 617 944 9229


Now make reservations from your mobile phone at http://m.planettran.com.

What is PlanetTran?

PlanetTran is the Nation's first public auto service to utilize ultra fuel efficient hybrid vehicles exclusively. We provide individuals and organizations with scheduled car service in hybrid cars. We primarily serve the airports in greater Boston and the Bay Area, but can drive you anywhere you need to go with a reservation.

How does it work?

You can make reservations by creating a profile in our on-line reservations system and entering in your specific location. Alternatively, you can call 1 888 PLNT TRN (1-888-756-8876). The email notification confirms we will pick you up at your scheduled time and location, and we will call you if any issue arises that would jeopardize our ability to reliably and punctually provide that service.

How do I pay for the service?

Payment can be made using VISA, MC, or AMEX, which can be entered in your on-line profile (we do not accept cash). After you have disembarked the vehicle, the credit card will be charged the appropriate fare (tolls and airport fees included), and we will email you a receipt (we strive for paperless operations).

Do the fares include tips?

Tips are neither included nor expected for our services. We are committed to fair wages for all our employees. Our driver compensation model is based on hourly time, not the trip, which results in the most convenient and streamlined experience for our customers.

But, may I tip for outstanding service?

Yes. While we don't encourage or discourage cash tips, drivers may accept them as a token of appreciation for superior service. That said, drivers will never solicit tips and you should not feel obligated to tip. We expect our drivers, as well as other employees, to deliver excellence as part of their job. Please be aware that we cannot provide a receipt for cash tips, nor can we add a tip to a credit card or invoiced transaction.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation of reservations within one hour of scheduled pick-up will result in a charge of the full fare (minimum 1.5 hours for authorized wait trips). A no show fee for the full fare will be charged when the passenger fails to arrive at the designated location, without contact, within 1 hour of the reservation time. To avoid a no show fee, please call 888-PLNT-TRN (888-756-8876) if you cannot locate the PlanetTran vehicle.

What is your waiting policy?

PlanetTran bills wait time at a flat $60 an hour, in increments of 10 minutes. For each reservation there is a 10 minute grace period for which no wait time charges are assessed. After that 10 minutes, wait time charges apply. PlanetTran tracks all commercial flights and wait time is not charged for any passenger arriving on a commercial airline. For arriving flights we will wait as long as it takes (baggage claim can be a nightmare, we know!) AS LONG AS WE HEAR FROM YOU. If we can't make contact and we don't hear from you, we will leave an hour after the flight arrives. If baggage claim is taking a while and you haven't heard from us (we call repeatedly when we have been given a cell phone number), please call us at 888-PLNT-TRN (888-756-8876).

How many passengers/bags can the cars carry?

The Prius can seat 4 people in addition to the driver, which is comfortable for shorter trips. Typically, 3 adults with bags for a week is a very efficient arrangement. The Prius can carry skis, golf clubs, etc. by folding down one half of the back seat, but this reduces the person capacity to 2.